Dr. Zhong Yu

Dr Yu graduated from KunMing University of Medicine in 1993. He had 5 years of surgical training at First Teaching Hospital of KunMing University of Medicine.

After having completed AMC written exam ( came 8th) and clinical exam ( passed 15 cases out of 16), he worked in Northern Hospital/Austin Hospital in Melbourne for a few years before starting 3 year GP training in central Victorian region.  He finished his training and passed all his exams required and later was awarded fellowship of FRACGP in 2008.

In his GP training he worked in different regional GP clinics and at mean time covered the local hospitals.

From 2008 Dr Yu had been working full time in the largest medical clinic in Bendigo until a few month ago due to family commitment. He still works part time in Bendigo.

Dr Yu is interested in chronic disease management, general skin condition, small procedures including skin cancer/lumps and bumps excision with flap repair if needed, implanon removal and insertion, paediatric, geriatric care (he still has 40 nursing home patients in Bendigo).

He is also interested in cosmetic medicine, including botox and fillers.

He does Botox and fillers injections plus consulting other cosmetic problems, eg skin pigmentation, scar treatment, hair removal, laser facial resurfacing and laser lipolysis.