Starting from 1st January 2024, for the initial consultation, a $50 registration fee will apply to all new Medicare patients and previous patients who have not been to our clinic for the recent two years. Booking appointments are essential, and standard fees will be incurred by walk-in or fit-in patients. For further details, please contact the front desk.

从2024年1月1日开始,所有持有澳洲国民医疗卡的新患者以及最近两年内没有在诊所就诊的老病人,初次就诊需支付$50澳元的注册费。 请大家提前预约就诊时间。没有预约但要求加号看诊的患者将被收取诊费。 如需进一步了解,请与前台联系。

Private patients billing items:

  • First initial consultation on weekday
    From $100
  • Follow up consultation on weekday
    From $70
  • First initial consultation on weekend
    From $120
  • Follow up consultation on weekend
    From $90


  • 周一至周五首次就诊
  • 周一至周五复诊
  • 周末首次就诊
  • 周末复诊

Other private billing items include minor procedures, wound dressing, and non-government subsidised vaccines etc.


Additional Benefits

  • Appointment is essential. Open access consultations are available following a medical triage procedure….

  • The Doctor is available for non-urgent matter. If you feel the matter is urgent please contact 000.

  • All routine childhood, occupational and travel immunisations are available at the clinic.