Commencing 1st January 2024, a $50 registration fee will apply to all new patients (excluding concession card holders and non-Medicare card holders) for their initial consultation. Subsequent consultations for Medicare card holders will continue to be bulk billed.

从2024年1月1日起, 所有新病人(不包括优惠卡持有者和自费病人)第一次看诊需要支付$50注册费。之后就诊Bulk Bill.

For private patients, a charge will incur for minor procedures. For non-Medicare funded medical assessments, payment should be made on the visit.

如果您持有国民医疗卡(Medicare), 我们会为您提供免费的医疗服务. 如果您没有国民医疗卡, 我们会在您看医生之前收费并提供收据, 然后您向您的保险公司报销.

Private patients billing items:

Minor procedures are performed including treatment for ingrown toenails, plantar warts, skin biopsy, removal of lesions, skin cancer removal and wound suturing.

  • First initial consultation on weekday
  • Follow up consultation on weekday
  • First initial consultation on weekend
  • Follow up consultation on weekend

Additional Benefits

  • Appointment is essential. Open access consultations are available following a medical triage procedure….

  • The Doctor is available for non-urgent matter. If you feel the matter is urgent please contact 000.

  • All routine childhood, occupational and travel immunisations are available at the clinic.